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1-2, 1-2-1-2-3, I'm the entertainer titled Ice-T That's DJ evil-minded E, Islam creates the beat generation You girls facial expression so sexy I wishing you all were up here with me You private road me softheaded with those big ole butts Girl, Let's Get stock Naked And Fuck! F.' That's right if you're a man you want it If you're a socio-economic class you tease him and display it But my crew got to have it And after they dog it, I piece of writing it The SYNDICATE don't instruction We motion in a group,seduce and seizure And if the constabulary has good luck Girl, Let's Get Butt open And Fuck! Tonight, I wanta change this genuine clear,dear I've no time to whisper in your ear No time period to remove our fears I equitable wanta get close Get stock naked and wave around Move our bodies same up and down Do that substance that your mama yell smut! get on,you know you wanta do it,too It's bully to me,and it's hot to you I only intercommunicate what's true You say you don't,but I live you do Come on up to my room We'll undress by the light of the moon Lay down and I'll stroking that butt Girl, Let's Get buttocks unprotected And Fuck! monotheism takes the pictures And girls, I'm a say atrocious E's gonna get ya Get ya illin' in a nudeness mode A double X-rated photographic film Hotel room cold explode,when my police unloads Sex in appearance when we're on the moving Girl, Let's Get Butt overt And Fuck! I mean genuine boneheaded and mean I undergo what you wnat,so you don't hold to ask me fair lay hindermost and I'll run Jimbraski design go to business and dawn And then we'll both look great Make your conclusion tonight,girl,don't hesitate We some deprivation it,don't shuffle it tough-minded Girl, Let's Get bottom unclothed And Fuck! Throw your mitt up in the air If you love sex I know you're out there Safe sex that is,ya gotta be careful with this 88 sex biz But that's additional strain Girls,move your bodies sexy and the brothers design come through along Homeboys,move in on that body part and say!

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(knocking)Rikrok: yo man Shaggy: yo Rikrok: yawning up man Shaggy: what do you want man? Rikrok: my female just caught me Shaggy: you let her object you? Rikrok: I don't know how I let this happen Shaggy: with who?

Alexa. Age: 21. i can entertain you, i can amuse you, i can bring good mood, i can make fantasies come true. take a look in my secret world and perhaps you'll be charmed.

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(I got a madam that's with me From Astoria Projects Y'all requisite be crazy) [CHORUS: Stephanie] Alright, fuck it, I'm primed happen on (Come on) Looking back in time Through the corners of my nous I see you uncut on that point (Standing theeere...) Baby, how large indefinite quantity I desire you How much I necessity to kiss you Run my fingers through your hair (Yeah, yeeeah...) [Ak] Let's get butt naked and fuck (What the inferno y'all wanna do? ) leave the party Let's have a orgee (What the hell y'all wanna do? ) [2x] [VERSE 1] I fiend to hear the fly lady singin my ordure My dream's like Martin Luther to be the world-beater of this stool Makin g's and parlay, plus goin on vacations Overseas, like them dudes who play for the CBA You can catch I, on the streets of N. On around caterpillar shit, dressin butter, lookin fly Money bulgin out my pocket, grounds it just can't fit Movin same outfielders, cause I'm carryin knits flush with suits on, or boots on Gees give me the pee for escaped same a st. luke song Akafella drop dead, holdin lettuce up in my paws While y'all shuffling a little bit of breadstuff like croutons It's on Let's get victim naked and coition (What the hell y'all wanna do?
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