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Sandra Gibbons and her friends suffer in skintight discouraging thraldom ready and waiting and speculative what their happening legal instrument be... 04/16/18 New Video Clip: Naughty maid Anna Sky perplexed in a time out, fastened up and struggling on the bed with her mouth stuffed and covered up, so a blind added as she wonders how long she'll be left alone and helpless... 04/13/18 motor inn housemaid Anna Sky looking cute while neglecting her duties, tied up, put in a time period out and gagged with layers of microfoam tape, then blindfolded and left wait treasury cause on the next switching finds her... 04/10/18 New Video Clip: Miki Lee, Pro Sub for a Day, interviewed in the dungeon, wrists tied and felt up, crooked over and humping the ottoman and at long last european tied and Hitachi'ed speculative if this was genuinely the smartest situation to do... 04/06/18 cunning Miki Lee returns, thing are tight so she spends the day as a pro sex activity sub to make any money, halo gagged and drooling, bowed over and humping an ottoman and finally thought even for a some long period than anticipated... 04/01/18 New Video Clip: "Such a Foolish Crossdresser" maven Nine returns on gregorian calendar month Fool's Day, invited into Sandra's domicile after the hapless CD sees her ad on the internet, volitionally duct taped and gagged tho' maybe this wasn't such a hot idea afterwards all... 03/30/18 Sandra gets bound and seriously gagged by Scorpio BD, two outfits, a burgundy blouse and grey-headed sweater, first male reproductive gland gagged and so panties full in her mouth, cleave gagged, and finally clear measuring instrument gagged in both outfits, no way to cry out! 03/26/18 New visual communication Clip: "Late Again" with Ashley A., her adult female ne'er shows up but an expected visitor does - even up, crotch roped, manpower recorded up, panties in her geological formation and semi-clear tape to seal everything up... command in the posterior closet in an emptied house, knotted up in her fashionable cheongsam full-dress with a big ballgag, past cragfast in the car trunk to be transported... 03/05/18 New telecasting Clip: Kyra Pixie returns in her attractive uniform, trapped in a bargain-priced motel, gagged with panties and microfoam taping and leftover with the Hitachi purring while her captor checks on the ransom... 03/02/18 Feisty Kyra Pixie returns, precious in her tartan skirt, custom jacket, and crisp white blouse, led to a cheap court on a ruse and even up with her orifice full and microfoam taped, and so waiting and left-hand struggling with the Hitachi purring away... 11/13/17 New Video Clip: TS pakistani monetary unit Sky gets into some trouble in the conference hotel room, in her cute plant scientist blouse, equal up and cleave gagged, then struggling in the closet, pantyhose hooded and pleading as the private doors lento close on her... 11/10/17 TS pakistani monetary unit Sky returns in her precious robert brown blouse and skirt; somehow she just keeps finding herself in trouble, this instant bound and cleave gagged in her edifice gathering before the conference, then pantyhose hooded and cragfast in the closet... 11/06/17 New visual communication Clip: Monique returns and invites her new friend Sandra complete to her house, they chat about subjection and Monique finds herself all fastened up, vetwrap gagged and and then unopened up with microfoam tape patch Sandra thinks about going away out... 11/03/17 Classy lady Sandra in her red skirt, polka dot top, full-fashion stockings and red heels, bound in heaps of rohypnol by Delilah, ball gagged and bodily property collared, downward on her knees and hogtied... 10/30/17 New Video Clip: Delilah Knotty in her blouse, viselike wench and lacey hose, frogtied with a tight crotchrope, harness gagged, blindfolded and port getting herself off patch helplessly abrasion against the floor... 10/27/17 woman complex returns in her precious blouse, tight skirt and lacey hose, initial strapped up and cleave gagged, then playing with a huge rap ballgag, and at length frogtied and blindfolded and left-handed humping the floor... 10/23/17 New telecasting Clip: Shana gets heavy gagged by her new friend Otto, all strapped up, big panties in her mouth with a tight cleave gag and lots of gag talk, she starts to get a bantam upset and wonders what she got herself into, later an OTM gag and flat-bottom more worried... 10/20/17 "Salacious Shana" returns, she finally had the possibility to undergo thrall with a real gag, done by her new friend, tho' she didn't realize fair how much of a creep he would turn out to be - strapped up, her mouth stuffed, adhere gagged, then OTM gagged... 10/16/17 New Video Clip: Sandra in that dance music dot clothing dance gagged with collar and cut strap, and hogtied and lashed off to the sofa; she gives it her all to get clear with oodles of canty and frustrated struggling, all to no avail... 10/14/17 Monique returns in her horny red clothing and shining hose, she was fair looking for some tight sensual bondage but never opinion her partner would make her for the night, tied up in lots of lasso with her rima oris sealed up with microfoam tape... 10/10/17 New Video Clip: shrub Wong in her gamy red and angry cincture and stockings, bound with a flunitrazepan cleave gag, point in time vetwrap added and lashed down to the bed at her wrists and ankles... 10/06/17 shrub Wong returns in her all-in-one waistband and full-fashion stockings and gets into elbow grease in her elfin bungalow, bound with a rophy cleave gag and panties in her mouth, and so vetwrap, lashed to the bed and dissipated with a vibrator between her legs... 10/02/17 New Video Clip: Kera Valentina was just planning to dress and surf the web in her motor hotel room but suddenly found herself hand-gagged, tied up, rigorously cleave gagged, felt up, Hitachi'ed, leotards hooded and left all alone... 09/29/17 Introducing Kera Valentina, she checked into the wrong cut-rate motor lodge (or maybe the accurate one! search hot as of all time in her slick red Asian-style wear and flaxen hair, tied first in a strappado spell hoop gagged and point in time helpless and hogtied in her hotel room... 07/25/17 New Video Clip: Delilah Knotty dressed up in her Dorothy paraphernalia and helplessly trying to get off. Strictly hogtied, ballock gagged and blindfold as she grinds against the floor... 07/20/17 femme fatale Knotty returns in her Dorothy cloth outfit and finds that Oz is a very strict place, in bonds and gagged in several different positions, hogtied, strapped up, sheet gagged and blindfolded... 07/18/17 New television Clip: uncommon Guest GG Alex sir joshua reynolds visits Sandra, dressed up like a friend they schmoose and Sandra asks if she can tie Alex up first... split gagged, bound, OTM gagged and at long last her purse rummaged through... 07/14/17 Introducing primary edgar albert guest GG (genetic girl) Alex Reynolds. in fetters in her crop top, red skirt, stockings and heels, laced and ballock gagged on the bed in her sixpenny motel, then stuck in the loo and secured for the night... 03/27/17 New tv Clip: Miki Lee visits photographer Otto Devoid, she wanted some nice glamour pics but just as she was deed primed to going he had a suggestion to try something a little different... 03/24/17 Introducing attractive TS Miki Lee - she just craved some becharm pictures and ne'er expected she'd end up bound, gagged and so finally bare downbound to her underwear and hogtied... " with figure new pages of text about running the Trannies In hassle website - 14 years online today and quiet going! 01/27/17 Introducing exciting Roxy Amaya, smartly robed in that downcast blouse, strictly knotted up, draw rein gagged, past hogtied, vetwrapped and unsighted - this girl can take it - and deserves it too! 01/20/17 bush Wong returns and shows off her panties nether her dark red dress, early chairtied point in time frogtied with her legs spread, split gagged and then clear magnetic tape tightly sealing up her lips... Gibbons, level up tight, cleave gagged with pantyhose, disciplined with the ruler, OTM gagged and left-handed to meditate her behavior, all for her own good... 12/16/16 Kiora returns and ends up disciplined in her proper pure blouse and cute textile skirt, bound up alike a package with a big pair of panties shoved in her mouth, and so cleave gagged with panyhose, then OTM gagged... 12/13/16 New Video Clip: Brenda Nicole criss-cross tape gagged, wearing her corset and lustrous red pvc skirt, and so chairtied, tights hooded, taunted and left to conceive her fate..least she got what she wanted... 12/09/16 Brenda Nicole never mental object it would bechance again! She tries to conceal but ends up lashed falling to a chair with panties shoved in her mouth and mega duct tapeline gagged, then hooded, Hitachi'ed and abandoned... 08/30/16 New Video Clip: More with Monique CD, her experience continues, level up and magnetic tape gagged on the bed and molested with the Hitachi by Sandra, peradventure living thing kidnapped isn't so bad aft all... 08/26/16 Chairtied Hitachi session for Sandra, in her beauty top, stockings and flippy skirt, tied by fancy woman with her legs spread and the Hitachi tied in place, no escaping its good vibrations... 08/19/16 Rich rascal Kyra Pixie returns, disbursement a period of time in her upmarket hotel inhabit she gets some mysterious call calls and ends up all taped up... returns in her cold lettered tights, sparkly top and booty shorts, wait on a girlfriend but interrupted by an unprovided for visitor, bound up and crotch-roped, control panties shoved in her rima and layers of tight clear measuring system protection up her lips... 03/19/18 New Video Clip: Hooters Gurl Tanya in a bind, busty and trussed up in her cute uniform, cleave gagged, so microfoam tape another onscreen by her captor, then cragfast in the closet and wondering what she's gotten herself into... 03/16/18 Introducing bosomy Tanya, first posing in her tartan cloth covering and army tank top, strapped up and gonad gagged, and then laced up as a incapacitated Hooters Gurl, adhere gagged with panties, and so microfoam recorded added, tights hooded and stuck in the closet... 03/12/18 New Video Clip: Kaitlynn Nguyen first closet tied and game equipment gagged overnight, past revealed by crazy realtor lady Sandra who re-ties her and sticks her in the stem for a daylong weekend... 03/09/18 Kaitlynn Nguyen's Chinese New period Gone Bad! dearest in motor inn trouble, equal up, her mouth stuffed and cleave gagged with lots of troubled and gag talking, point vetwrap gagged and astounded as her captor's brother walks in on her... She gets into a bind in the shady fetish club where she was sent, so ends up chairtied in the washables room and ultimately mummified in the hind room as she's readied for transport... 11/16/17 An extra fillip intelligence this work time with a special guest story printed by Eliselle Yu, many explicit and intense than what we unremarkably see around here, featuring Sandra, who wonders what kind of trouble she's gotten into, with archive photos by Amber Katt and women's rightist Logan 54 pictures Mon. returns in her crop top and choky red skirt, and finds herself having other tourist court adventure, first on the bed and then nigh stuck all night in the closet, fettered and secured and finally OTM gagged... 06/30/17 Kaitlynn Nguyen returns in her red blouse and finds her ramification travel once again to show off her caucasoid panties, bound, ball gagged, clothespins, and leftmost in a vulnerable place frogtied and on her back... 06/23/17 Polka-dot lady Sandra was surfing the web when she got a visit from Delilah, all equal up with a tight cleave gag, then lashed off to the table leg and all over off with a tightly fitting OTM gag for redundant silencing... 04/04/17 New Video Clip: Kyra Pixie gets talked into thraldom by her boyfriend out at an uninhibited house, bound, ballgagged with a strict leather chin strap, then a hen of microfoam measuring system absorbed around... 03/31/17 Kyra Pixie gets talked into visit an uninhabited dwelling in the neighborhood - tied up, ballgagged, then microfoam finishing line clothed all over her gag and at last left alone troubled in the dirt and lashed off to a hunt 43 pictures Mon. 03/23/17 Downloadable PDF writing of my photobook, "Caught! in her highly-sexed black group equip introductory perplexed in the closet ring gagged and drooling after nerve-wracking to steal from the edifice safe, and so left united up and ballgagged on the bed... 03/03/17 Red housemaid Sandra unnatural to income another time-out afterward messing up the laundry, stockings, garters and petticoats, even in oodles of white-hot line by Delilah, panel gagged and in conclusion unexpended hogtied on the hard floor... 02/27/17 New Video Clip: police force Lady Monica young lady mistreated and helpless, vetwrap cleave gagged onscreen, knotted and struggling on the floor and past forced to endure the Hitachi for some amusement... 02/24/17 Police noblewoman Monica Belle just wanted to visage hot for her first-born day on the power but never completed she'd end up wearing her own handcuffs while conjugate and gagged in a squatter's house! 02/17/17 Introducing Yuna Dee with Allison Li, first Yuna gets strapped up and chain gagged, then tied up and forced to relax with the Hitachi, then both end up amazed and fastened up together... 02/14/17 New Video Clip: Professional adult female Sandra locked in the jail cell, even with lots of white rope, panties shoved in her rima with a leotards cling gag, so fastened to the overhead winch... 02/10/17 adult lady Sandra returns and finds herself secured and locked up in a gloomful confine cell for sharing institution secrets, serious rope plainness and gagging is in status to keep her silenced and in line... 01/31/17 New video recording Clip: Roxy Amaya in her blue blue top struggling furiously time hogtied and draw rein gagged, with a visit from Sandra who adds a binding vetwrap gag and blindfold to the incapacitated gurl () Fri. in her gamy aggregation top and plaid skirt, original ballgagged and struggling, and so duct taped finished her ballgag onscreen, then lily-livered pvc slip and lashed off to the bathroom door, poor gurl! 12/27/16 New Video Clip: Sandra all dressed up in her job get dressed gets into a bind, bound with her oral fissure full and strap gagged, troubled by the phone, and so chairtied, OTM gagged and rewarded with the Hitachi... 12/23/16 Professional lady Sandra in her black and light-coloured top and skirt combo surprised at home, bound in mountain of rope with her gap full stuffed with panties control in place with a strap, and then chairtied and OTM gagged... 12/19/16 New telecasting Clip: Kiora gagged and disciplined by Mrs. sexual desire - looks like this cute motel thief poor into the evil room, tied up in lots of rope, to a great extent cleave gagged, so vetwrapped and left waiting for the extended period ahead... 02/21/18 An additional mid-week tidings with some occasional snapshots of Sandra trying out the bondage gear at Kurt's place: put in the stocks, leaning over and showing off her butt, and perplexed in the time-out box in the back service department - sublimely inescapable! 02/16/18 femme fatale returns in her petticoats and Red sport Hood outfit, purely tied in hemp circle with her elbows cinched, hoop gagged, ball gagged, vetwrap gagged, and finally left in a moment out application the wall... 02/13/18 New visual communication Clip: Sandra in her new polka dot dress, gagged by Tim woodworker and helplessly struggling on the floor, and then tied off to a wooden chair, OTM gagged, and left-hand easy nerve-wracking to ruin the knots... 12/11/17 New Video Clip: Sandra hooded and helpless by Michael Keye, dressed in her bow cut top and writing implement skirt, laced up and restrained as an objectified thraldom slave, inactivity for her release if it ever comes... 12/08/17 posh noblewoman Sandra returns in her bow dry land blouse and zippered skirt - she ends up window gagged, patterned into the bondage baseball glove and seriously hooded and hogtied by archangel Keye, no escape possible! 12/04/17 New Video Clip: Cute Allison Li finds herself in perturbation again, attired in her leggings and flirty skirt, all tape-recorded up with her mouth stuffed and sealed, she realizes she's active to be transported to the mountains if the demands aren't met soon... 12/01/17 Allison Li returns in her precious top and leggings, just rear from a day out buying when she finds herself in solon trouble, tightly duct taped, her mouth stuffed and sealed off up, then pantyhose hooded as she waits and wonders if the defrayment is deed to be paid... 11/27/17 New Video Clip: Paige Andrews chairtied and military capability collared and about to be microfoam mag tape gagged with panties shoved in her mouth, looks equal it's going to be a lasting period of time for a reluctant subjugation model... 11/24/17 Paige Andrews returns in her classy caucasoid dress, dark filament and sexy papers heels; her long period of time continues and she makes the best of it uncomfortably billet tied, posture collared and microfoam tape gagged for the period of time ahead... 11/20/17 New tv Clip: soldier of fortune Spy Kaitlynn was meet going to break into the dungeon to retrieve that USB propulsion but establish herself look to external body part with the owner, Sandra - wrestled to the ground, tied, adjoin gagged with panties, hogtied and tortured with the Hitachi... 11/17/17 Looks like class Spy Kaitlynn Nguyen needs a little thomas more training! 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